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Six Nations of the Grand River: It was a lovely morning for the start of November as the Woodland Cultural Centre opened its doors to receive two pieces of art created by Alta Doxtador, granddaughter of James Beaver, as donated by long-time Haldimand resident, R.L. Moore.

Mr. Moore was already known to Woodland as he had previously bestowed his family painting of ‘Morrison House,’ an oil on canvas piece painted by James Beaver in 1892.  On this second trip to the Centre, R.L. Moore also donated a remarkable photograph of Mrs. Alta Doxtador with her grandfather’s painting commissioned by the Morrison family over a century ago. 

Having just exhibited the largest body of works by James Beaver in the first part of 2015, there were rumblings within the Beaver family that Alta also painted, but up until today, none of her works were known to exist.  Museum Director, Paula Whitlow, enthused, “It’s a thrilling day for Woodland; and such a generous gift by our friend and neighbour, R.L. Moore, to have Alta Doxtador’s works remain in her community of Six Nations.  We hope to find space in the near future where visitors can appreciate the talent of not only James Beaver, but now Alta as well.”

The two newly donated pieces show a marked similarity to the painting-style of James Beaver.  Alta’s representation of Mackenzie Creek on an idle summer day favours her grandfather’s landscape style with trees, foliage, and wildlife created in oils.  The second piece of a birch bark canoe shows a genre similar to James Beaver’s mountain landscapes but created in watercolour on paper.

Established in 1972, the Woodland Cultural Centre has been an integral cultural and educational centre within the Brantford and Six Nations communities. Its goal is to protect, promote, interpret, and present the history, language, intellect and cultural heritage of the Anishinaabe and Onkwehon:we people. Providing several permanent and short-term exhibits, the Woodland Cultural Centre also focuses on language and cultural preservation that includes several special events throughout the year.  For more information, please visit www.woodland-centre.on.ca  


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