Woodland Cultural Centre …. A great place to visit for any age!

Posted 14/05/05 in NEWS

Woodland Cultural Centre - Preschool Programs

On April 4th 2014 Cheryl Red Eagle and Lorrie Gallant presented at the 16th Annual Change Early Learning and Child Care Conference at the Best Western Brant Park Inn, Brantford. Lorrie and Cheryl presented the Haudenosaunee Creation Story using shadow puppets.  They gave ideas on how it can be recreated and the different variations of shadow puppet that they can make or have the children make.  All participants created small versions of shadow puppets and were given a hands on experience using the large shadow puppets in telling the Creation Story.

During the second half of the presentation Lorrie and Cheryl invited all the participants to see what Woodland Cultural Centre has to offer their children by visiting the Centre or having us come to see them.  Participants played some traditional games and identified fur pelts.

Please visit the Education Departments from the main menu for more information and to see what Woodland Cultural Centre’s has to offer your Preschool group!

Museum Tour – Children will learn about the Woodland people, specifically the Six Nations

Scavenger Hunt – Digging for artifacts and identify fur pelts and animal tracks

Traditional Games – They’ll experience bone and toggle, scattering stix, double ball and lacrosse

Music and Dance – Children will learn traditional social dances and get to play a cow-horn rattle

Creation Story Shadow Puppet Play and Mobile – See a colourful presentation and make a mobile

Learning about the People of the Longhouse, Clans and Nations – Using a giant puzzle they will learn the Nations and create a colourful mobile to learn and remember the 9 different clans of the Six Nations

Ceremonies and Seasons – Looking at the seasons to learn the ceremonies that are celebrate and will create paintings  of what they have learned.

Pottery – Participants will make clay pinch pots or create handmade clay beads to string.