Veterans, Warriors & Peacekeepers: Exhibition Opening

Posted 14/07/23 in NEWS

The Woodland Cultural Centre is honoured to present a commemorative exhibition on the centenary of the onset of World War One, honouring the service of the men and women from our three support communities - Six Nations of the Grand River, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga) and Wahta Mohawks.  The official opening ceremonies for Veterans, Warriors and Peacekeepers is on Monday August 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Veterans, Warriors and Peacekeepers examines the individuals who served from Six Nations, Tyendinaga and Wahta.  The men and women who enlisted in World War One, possessed rich and diverse lives, which they put on hold to aid in the war effort - some to never resume.  This exhibit is a celebration of these individuals and their contributions - it is not a listing of battles and dates, casualty numbers, and military tactics.  The warrior has always been a honoured person in Haudenosaunee culture, and with this in mind, the Woodland Cultural Centre will shine glory on many of our own who sacrificed much for their communities, ideals, and descendants.

As a token of these three communities' pride in our veterans and fallen soldiers, and in respect of our cultural tradition of honouring warriors, the Woodland Cultural Centre is inviting the descendants of those who served in the Great War to attend the opening and receive a replica of the 114th Battalion flag on behalf of the warriors no longer with us.  Each community veteran of World War One will have a flag bestowed on his/her descendant in a public ceremony.  To sign up to receive the flag on behalf of your ancestor and family, please call (519) 759-2650, extension 226, to provide your name and your ancestor's.

In addition, the museum program is still welcoming the friends and family of the veterans of World War One to stop by the Centre with a photograph of someone from the three communities who enlisted and served in the Great War.  With over 400 men and women serving from these communities, the museum program still hopes to eventually have a photograph of every enlistee.  To date we have collected 99 photos of the 400.  If you have a photo of a veteran visit the Woodland Cultural Centre and we will scan your photo (you would maintain the original), and add the image to exhibition.

All are welcome to attend the opening on August 11th to help the Centre honour our veterans, warriors and peacekeepers of World War One.  Refreshments will be served.