Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund Provides the Centre with a New Utility Tractor

Posted 14/03/06 in NEWS

The Museum program of the Woodland Cultural Centre would like to extend a huge nya:weh to the Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund for providing the finances for a brand new John Deere Utility Tractor and attachments (front end loader, plow, and mower).  Previous to this much needed grant, the Maintenance staff were working with an undependable 50 year-old Fordson tractor which had three previous owners.  Tractor repairs, equipment rentals, and contracts to cover the groundskeeping tasks were costing the Centre far too much in terms of money and time.  Staff safety also became an issue as the old Fordson began to degenerate.

Thankfully, a well-received grant application and proposal presentation to the Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund (which garnered many jokes around the table as to the Centre needing cattle to "cut the grass") resulted in the purchase of this wonderful, NEW John Deere.

We would also like to thank Ben Stubbe and the staff at Premier Equipment Ltd in Simcoe for working with us on this time and funds sensitive issue.  Ben and his manager honoured a seven month-old quote from another John Deere retailer and saved the Centre thousands of dollars.

Nya:weh to the Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund, Premier Equipment Ltd, Ben Stubbe, and the Museum program staff who worked so hard on this much appreciated endeavour.