Salt Baby Returns to Woodland!

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The Critically Acclaimed Production "Salt Baby" Returns To The Woodland Cultural Centre October 27 & 28, 2016!

Written by Six Nations playwright Falen Johnson
Directed by Yvonne Nolan
General Tickets: $20.00*
Senior/Student: $10.00 (must be purchased at the Woodland Cultural Centre)
Dates: October 27 & October 28, 2016
Time: 8PM (Run time is 90 mins)

*Some adult content is featured - Viewer discretion is advised.

What does it mean to be a First Nations woman in Canada today? And what does it look like? And who gets to decide? Salt Baby takes you there.

Salt Baby premiered in Toronto in 2009, before Idle No More, before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had begun its journey across the country, before many Canadians were spending much time thinking about their nation’s relationship with its Indigenous population. In that context, the eponymous Salt Baby examined her own history, grappling with questions of identity and relationship, trying to work out how to go forward as mixed-blood Indigenous person living on this land in the 21st century. Six years later, the context has changed, and Salt Baby’s very personal quest seems to be reflected in the national zeitgeist. Who are we, how do we live together, how do we go forward in a good way? Salt Baby’s journey, like that of this place called Canada, is circuitous, surprising, frequently funny, occasionally surreal, and ultimately challenges what we think we know about ourselves.



What I'd really like Salt Baby to do is empower my audience to feel like they or we understand each other a little better. Canada has such a hidden history that is rarely taught in schools so we often walk through life not knowing and by the time we think to ask the hard questions it can feel too late, it can feel to uncomfortable. Being a "Salt Baby" I have heard the most intensely racist things because I am, in a sense, unseen. I am invisible as an Aboriginal person. I've seen the disservice that the Canadian education system has done to its population. With Salt Baby I want to ask questions and open a dialogue. I also would like the audience, Native and non, to walk away with an understanding that you can't judge a book by its cover, a big old cliché I know, but a true statement nonetheless. The lines of racial and cultural identity are complex and difficult to pin down. Although the play is written from an Indigenous perspective it is for everyone and I think it resonates well in many cultures.

— Falen Johnson


Oct 27 @ 8PM

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Oct 28 @ 8PM

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