Public Program

Whether you are organizing a tour for a community club, a church-group, a family of tourists to the area, a service group, or one of the many other parties of people interested in visiting the Woodland Cultural Centre, the Museum Education program has a variety of programs to satisfy the varied interests of our guests.

The Museum Education program conducts pre-arranged tours from Tuesday through Friday. Guided visits to the museum are available by for groups of 10 or more on weekdays (or payment for 10 if your group is smaller), and 20 or more on weekends during the summer.

After hours tours are available throughout the year by pre-arrangement. There is a maintenance fee in addition to admission fees to cover the costs of keeping the museum open and staffing, for after hours tours.

Pricing is calculated per person for all tours and is based on the general admission plus guide fees.

Experiential packages are also offered to groups of 25 or more interested in a more encompassing introduction to the Woodland peoples. Packages include catered meals, dance performances, and/or coffee/tea service in addition to guided tours of the museum and art galleries.

A residential school tour can be added to your tour – except on weekends when the school building is not open.

The Woodland Cultural Centre museum is fully wheelchair accessible. The residential school is an historic building and as a result, is not wheelchair accessible except for the basement level.

To schedule a tour or inquire about pricing, please contact the Museum Education program or complete the tour request form.