Planet IndigenUS 2015!

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Join us for Planet IndigenUS 2015 at the Woodland Cultural Centre and Harbourfront Centre. July 31 - August 9, 2015!

300 artists. 10 days. A global exploration of contemporary Indigenous civilizations. Since 2004, Planet IndigenUS has been raising public awareness, breaking stereotypes and fostering a cross-cultural dialogue between Canadians. Enjoy music, art, food and ideas from First Nations communities across Canada and Indigenous peoples around the world.

July 31, 2015 
Planet IndigenUS Opening Ceremony Concert with Buffy Sainte-Marie


Perhaps you know Sainte-Marie from her 1960s protest anthems (“Universal Soldier”), open-hearted love songs (“Until It’s Time for You to Go”), incendiary powwow rock (“Starwalker”), or the juggernaut pop hit “Up Where We Belong,” which Sainte-Marie co-wrote and Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes sang for the soundtrack to An Officer and a Gentleman.

One of her earliest classics, “Cod’ine,” a harrowing account of addiction well ahead of its time, was covered by everyone from Janis Joplin to Donovan to Courtney Love. Or maybe you remember Sainte-Marie from her five years on the television show “Sesame Street” beginning in the mid-’70s.

Whatever the case, every song and every era has revealed new and distinctive shades of an artist revered for her pioneering and chameleon ways. There was no mold from which Buffy Sainte-Marie emerged; she created her own, ripened from experiences in both her head and her heart.

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July 31, 2015
Planet IndigenUS Opening Ceremony Concert with Derek Miller & Logan Staats


 Derek Miller is an aboriginal Canadian singer-songwriter. He has received two Juno Awards. He performed at the Closing  Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics with Eva Avila and Nikki Yanofsky.

 Miller was born in 1974 in the community of the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation, Ontario, Canada. Miller became  interested in music in his teens and by the late 1990s began touring with Buffy Sainte-Marie.

 In 2002 Miller released his debut album Music is the Medicine on Winnipeg's Arbor Records. He received a 2003 Juno Award in  the category Aboriginal Recording of the Year for "Lovesick Blues" from his album Music is the Medicine.

 In 2006 Miller released his second album The Dirty Looks. Miller was honoured with a 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award, in  the category Best Rock Album, for his The Dirty Looks album. The album went on to win Miller a 2008 Juno in the  category Aboriginal Recording of the Year. Miller has also appeared in supporting acting roles in film and television, including the films Moccasin Flats: Redemption and Point Traverse and the television series Hard Rock Medical.

 Logan Staats - His haunting voice is distinct, wildly immediate. The lyrics, strung along by raw and honest melodies, are filled  with character and life. He’s more than a guitar player, or a vocalist, or a musician. He’s a story-teller. And his name is Logan  Staats.

 The Mohawk, Turtle clan songster was born on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and raised in the nearby ghost town of  Brantford, Ontario. Guitar and harmonica in hand, the twenty-something Staats is well known at local bars, and more and more  live shows across Turtle Island (United States and Canada) mean a growing fan-base with international potential. Staats’ songs  feel like they belong to him. His presence says clearly, “Here I am.”

 Now, the young multi-instrumentalist produces passionate and compulsive music. Sadness and joy animate his performances,  and Staats takes stages with an aura of inevitability,capturing not only audiences, but the feeling he had so many years ago  watching local artists on stage.


Planet IndigenUS Late Night After-Party with DJ Shub

Located at the Brantford Arts Block: 111 Sherwood Dr #23, Brantford

$5.00 at the Door: 11:30PM - 1AM

 DJ SHUB - Hailing from Fort Erie Ontario, a border town often forgotten by the droves of American’s and Torontonians that pass  it unknowingly, Dan General’s (DJ Shub) talents, unlike his hometown, have never been overlooked. Enamored by the technical  prowess of DMC legends Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike, A-Trak, and Craze, Shub honed his craft, as a battle DJ. With only the  guidance of a few grainy VHS tapes, Shub began emulating the diverse styles of past DMC battle champions, leaving parties  early to spend countless evenings in his parent’s basement, practicing on a purple pair of belt driven turntables, focused on  someday competing for the Canadian title and representing his country in the Worlds.  Rather than basking in former glories Shub  began his second career in music as producer and DJ for A Tribe Called Red (ATCR). Influenced by a variety of music, electro,  dub-step, dance hall and hip-hop, their signature sound is derived from a personal and spiritual place, the music of their native  tribes. Blending traditional pow-wow singing, driving circle drumming, the clanging rattles and beads from traditional dress to their  other more main stream influences they effectively pioneered the genre “powwow step”. ATCR has articulated a personal voice,  shaped and shared by an Aboriginal community largely overlooked in the music industry, into a finely crafted sound that  maintains a sophisticated balance between tradition and novelty. Hardly the stuff of mere aficionados, this is roots music that embodies a people, transfixes the soul and leaves trails of exhausted party goers thirsting for more pleasurable abuse.

August 1, 2015

Up Where We Belong: Exhibition Opening

Opening Reception 6:30PM

The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian highlights Native people who have been active participants in contemporary music for nearly a century. Musicians like Russell "Big Chief" Moore (Gila River Indian Community), Rita Coolidge (Cherokee), Buffy Sainte-Marie (Cree), and the group Redbone are a few of the Native performing artists who have had successful careers in popular music. Many have been involved in various forms of popular music—from jazz and blues to folk, country, and rock. Up Where We Belong: Native Musicians in Popular Culturetells their stories and histories, and provides visitors the opportunity to hear samples by music greats and discover musicians with whom those exceptional musicians collaborated. Visitors will also learn about artists who inspired the musical greats as well as the contemporary artists they themselves influenced.

Join us for the opening reception to this steallar exhibition with guest speakers and a special musical performance from the Beatrice Deer Band. 

This exhibition will run from August 1 - December 18, 2015


Beatrice Deer Band


Beatrice Deer is a singer, a seamstress, and an advocate for good health.

Listening to her voice is like crunching through the thin ice that you find in the early mornings of spring: it is crisp, beautiful and oh-so-enjoyable. Beatrice uses her vocal formidability in both lyrical singing and throat-singing. She has built up a formidable group of musicians for her band – all talented in their own right and they excel in allowing Beatrice’s Inuktitut and English lyrics soar over a funky pop folk sound. Inuit culture, women’s perspectives on life, love and storytelling seep from all of Beatrice’s music in an emotional and compelling way. With three award-winning and successful albums already under her belt, Beatrice is getting set to release her fourth album. This greatly anticipated work is chalk full of foxy sounds.




Heck Init Comedy Night II featuring Don Burnstick


Don Burnstick is a Cree from the Alexander First Nation located outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The youngest of 15 children, coupled with the fact of growing up on the reserve, taught Don a variety of means of defending himself, not the least of which became his use of humour.

 Don wrote and individually performs the play "I Am Alcohol - Healing the Wounded Warrior". In this play, without preaching or moralizing, Don presents a gripping dramatization of the addictive power of alcohol and drugs, and the connections to other destructive forces that have plagued the Aboriginal community.

In addition to his healing work, Don has established himself as one of Canada’s best comedian of all times. His highly acclaimed comedy show "You Might be a Redskin - Healing Through Native Humour", is a comedic performance, that humorously portrays First Nations people, their habits, likes and dislikes.

Join us for this ticketed event featuring stand-up set of the hilarious and talented Don Burnstick! 


August 2, 2015

Links To Our Past: Goombine

Links To Our Past explores the practice of fusing contemporary and traditional dance techniques, integral to the dance methodologies of Indigenous choreographers. Goombine is a premiere Australian Indigenous dancer, connecting his past to the present.


Music Yet to Come: Maxida Marak

Planet IndigenUS is excited to present Sami activist Maxida Marak who blends dub step, hip hop and club beats as part of Music Yet to Come, a program that highlights new music from Indigenous artists making their mark in the industry.


Music Yet to Come: Logan Staats

Planet IndigenUS is excited to present singer-songwriter Logan Staats whose music reflects the duality of living on and off reserve, as part of Music Yet To Come, a program that highlights new music from Indigenous artists making their mark in the industry.


Music Yet to Come: Benny Walker

Planet IndigenUS is excited to present singer-songwriter Benny Walker who performs love songs and epic tales mixed with passion for the land and the people as part of Music Yet To Come, a program that highlights new music from Indigenous artists making their mark in the industry.


August 3rd

Links To Our Past: Vivi Sorenson

Links To Our Past explores the practice of fusing contemporary and traditional dance techniques, integral to the dance methodologies of Indigenous choreographers. Vivi Sorensen is an Inuk mask dancer.


Music Yet to Come: The Imbayakunas

Planet IndigenUS is excited to present The Imbayakunas, combining traditional Andean sounds and contemporary Latin rhythms, as part of Music Yet to Come, a program that highlights new music from Indigenous artists making their mark in the industry.


August 4th - August 9th

From August 4th - August 9th the Planet IndigenUs festival will be held at Harbourfront Centre.

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