Statement of Purpose

The Woodland Museum has been established as an integral element of the Woodland Cultural Centre. The museum has been established to collect, preserve, research, exhibit and interpret a collection of archaeological material, historical material culture, arts, crafts, documents and archival photographs. The museum will offer direct services to the three support communities: Wahta Mohawks, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and Six Nations of the Grand River.

The general public from the surrounding counties of Brant, Haldimand and Wentworth will also benefit through the Museum’s role and its emphasis on special program activities presented. The Museum will work in co-operation with local, provincial, national and international cultural institutions towards common objectives, which are reflected in the Centre’s Mission Statement.

The program area and its contemporary activities and events will be made free of charge to the three Support Communities, unless otherwise stated. The management committee of the Centre, the Board of Governors will also encourage local interest groups to carry out activities at the Museum, providing those activities are not detrimental to the integrity of the Museum and its collection.


Over thirty-five thousand artifacts are accessioned in the collections of the Museum, consequently making the Museum at the Centre one of the largest facilities in Canada managed and administered by First Nations. The Museum holdings include archaeological specimens, ethnological materials, historical material, documents, furniture, contemporary paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, photographs, fine crafts and contemporary installations. The archaeological and ethnographic collections make up the permanent collection and are presented in a dramatic storyline beginning with our Iroquoian and Algonkian prehistoric past through to the 21st century.

Museum Building

The Museum offers the permanent historical gallery which totals 5,916.88 square feet; three temporary gallery spaces – Tom Hill Gallery which is 1,680 square feet; E. Judy Harris Gallery which has 660 square feet; and the Stan Hill Gallery and foyer which is approximately 150 square feet. Our Orientation Hall, our public programming space is 2,860 square feet; and depending on theatrical events or symposiums, seats up to 125 people. The Orientation Room is also a public rental facility, which can/has been utilized for symposiums, workshops and private functions, by various organizations, in an apolitical friendly environment. This area is also used as the introduction area for all incoming tour groups to gather for orientation and education programs. The building construction is of cement blocks, concrete and drywall, and is environmentally controlled with proper security systems and controlled lighting.