Each summer the WCC Library receives grants from organizations like G.R.E.A.T. and NPAAMB to hire summer students. Students are involved in all aspects of library work including jacketing books with laminate and processing books from start to finish. Many also have the opportunity to assist researchers to find materials and participate in WCC programs.

WorkForce Connections has provided placements for Corinne Hill and Sue Johnson to work in the Library. Both have brought their expertise in archaeology and plant medicines to the Library.

Anna Rowe was the second Mohawk College student to do her Library Technician fieldwork placement at the WCC Library. Anna currently works at the Brantford Public Library.

Virginia Hill and Miranda White are WIT (Women’s Information Tech Support – Help Desk) Interns from OSTTC who assisted the library in cleaning up the computers, install software, and teach the librarian some of their newfound knowledge as well as learned how a library functions.