Friends of the Library

The WCC Library is a collaboration of staff and users who together collect and document the resources and collections held by the library. Without these partnerships the WCC Library would not be the phenomenal resource that it is.

Most people who walk through the doors of the Woodland Cultural Centre Library become lifelong friends who come back to volunteer, bring the librarian a coffee, donate a book or two, or just say hello and catch up on what’s new.

Celine Vukson is currently doing her PhD at Trent University . Celine was a summer student at the Library in 2007 and has been a regular volunteer ever since.

Celine and her daughters Juliana and Laura came for a visit February 11, 2011 to introduce Laura Marie, Juliana’s daughter to the library. Laura took the opportunity to introduce her niece to a picture of the Prophet in one of the Young Readers books and to show off the quilt that Grandma conducted a workshop to make.

In the summer of 2007 Celine participated in WCC’s summer festival making baskets with the women from Chiapas, Mexico and conducting a beading workshop .