They Were the First

Posted 16/08/25 in EVENTS

Tyonatyerenhtò​n:ne - They Were the First is an exhibit that reflects on Onkwehon:we matrilineal society, while presenting the impact and contributions Onkwehon:we women have had from Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, Six Nations of the Grand River and Wahta Mohawks.

Sometimes greatness is recognized by worldly achievements, accolates and trail blazing efforts.  Not to say that achieving greatness through these meants aren't commendable, but what about those women who not only were the first in their respected fields, but were doing everyday things that many of us take for granted?

Onkwehon:wen women have always held a high level of respect amongst their peers.  In Onkwehon:we society the women are the life-givers for future generations. It is also through the women, that the children receive their nation and clan.  Some women also hold high ranks in political society as their maternal rights to choose a chief.  It has also been referenced that Onkwehon:we women were the first true feminists.

In this exhibit, women are recognized for paving the way for the future.  Highlighting achievements that some women made on the world stage, but more importantly contributions these women made during their lifetime to their community, further inspiring future generations of women.

Exhibit will be on from August 19, 2016 - December 16, 2016

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