Coffee House and Open Mic - Oct 24 @ 7PM

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Join us for an evening of live music! 

The Woodland Cultural Centre is proud to present three phenomenal talents who will take the stage and perform at our upcoming Coffee House event Oct 24 @ 7PM. Following the performances we invite you to the stage for the open mic portion of the evening. Signups will be in the front lobby prior to the performances.  This is a pay-what-you-can event.  Bring a friend and a guitar!

Nick Sherman

Singer-songwriter, Nick Sherman, gives new meaning to “the voice in the wilderness,” or rather, the voice from the wilderness. While he still calls his rural birthplace of Sioux Lookout home, Sherman spent much of his youth out on the land, moving between his hometown, the small First Nation community of Weagamow Lake, and his family’s trapline on North Caribou Lake. It was here in the depths of the Northern Ontario forest that his family members would play guitar as they tended their trapline, and Nick found himself soaking in songs and lyrics.

NIck's teenage musical attempts were fueled by hardcore punk and his adolescent rage and confusion as he tried to find his place in the world. His songs are inspired by his memories of those trapline sounds, by great songwriters, and by the timeless hymns of celebration and lamentation on his reserve. His gentle voice is rich with honesty and the vitality of youth, but tempered with world-weariness, atop his strong, simple guitar. Nick's deeply personal songs about “the best and worst days of the last four years,” inspired by the lives of people in his community, events in the world around him, and his Aboriginal heritage resonate with soul-brushing candour as he sings the boreal forest blues.

Nick is recording a second full-length record called, Knives and Wildrice. It will be out in the spring of 2015.

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Don Amero

Don Amero captivates audiences of all ages with powerful and expressive vocals, percussion‐style guitar play, and engaging storytelling. He is often called upon as a keynote speaker, and to deliver workshops for youth. His story inspires, and his message is one of encouragement, positivity and beauty. He continues to impress wherever he goes.

You can call Don Amero one of the hardest working independent musicians in showbiz today.

Since leaving his job as a hardwood flooring installer seven years ago to pursue music fulltime, the Winnipeg singer / songwriter has toured coast‐to‐ coast, appeared on national television, presented at festivals, performed with the symphony, showcased in New York City, been nominated for Canada’s most prestigious music awards, and played W. Brett Wilson’s The Garden Party.

Don’s musical style has been likened to John‐Mayer‐meets‐Keith‐Urban.

His four albums (Heart On My Sleeve, The Long Way Home, Deepening, Change Your Life) have generated nine national/international awards, and more than two dozen nominations, including the 2013 JUNO Awards.

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Logan Staats

His haunting voice is distinct, wildly immediate. The lyrics, strung along by raw and honest melodies, are filled with character and life. He’s more than a guitar player, or a vocalist, or a musician. He’s a story-teller. And his name is Logan Staats.

The Mohawk, Turtle clan songster was born on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and raised in the nearby ghost town of Brantford, Ontario. Guitar and harmonica in hand, the twenty-something Staats is well known at local bars, and more and more live shows across Turtle Island (United States and Canada) mean a growing fan-base with international potential.

Staats’ songs feel like they belong to him. His presence says clearly, “Here I am.”

Staats realized what music could be sneaking into local bars as a teen. There, he marvelled at the effect musicians had on their audience. He began to write and performed for the first time as an awkward but earnest 16 year old. As they say, the rest was “written.”

Now, the young multi-instrumentalist produces passionate and compulsive music. Sadness and joy animate his performances, and Staats takes stages with an aura of inevitability, capturing not only audiences, but the feeling he had so many years ago watching local artists on stage.

“Good Bye Goldia,” Staats’ first full-length, solo studio album was released Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2015.

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