Kaha:wi Dance Theatre presents Powwow Bootcamp (Aug 1)

Posted 15/08/01 in EVENTS

As part of Planet IndigenUS - Woodland is proud to host Kahawi's Bootcamp from 3:00 - 4:00PM on site today.

KDT workshop length, and type (Cultural Repertoire, Powwow Boot Camp, etc.), number of instructors are
negotiable depending on the type of event and instructed by KDT Artistic Director Santee Smith and/or a
KDT trained professional dancer. Each workshop is tailored to the level and interest of the participant group,
so it is important that prior to the start of/booking the workshop, you inform KDT of the following:

Participant Checklist:
BRING WATER – staying hydrated is very important for bodies in motion!
BRING SNACKS – you might be very hungry after exerting so much energy, so
replenishing your energy level with healthy snacks is important. No peanuts please
COMFORTABLE CLOTHES – that are easy to move around in; loose, breathable
fabrics; jeans or tight pants are not recommended
FOOTWEAR – in most cases KDT workshops are barefoot or socked. Participants can
also bring dance shoes or indoor running shoes. Bulky running shoes are not recommended

If you have additional questions on how to prepare, please contact
Donna Liu - Tour Manager | donna@kahawidance.org

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