Exclusive Showcase of Re-Quickening by Santee Smith January 23 & 24, 2015

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Who was the first woman?

Re-Quickening is a performance ritual examining Indigenous women’s issues and rejuvenating the seeds of femininity for the purposes of healing, awareness, and empowerment. Shining light on re-awakening and embodied Indigenous voice and sovereignty, Santee explores women’s connection to land/water/air, ancient ways of knowing and practices and the crucial role in re-affirmation of life and healing from issues of violence against women and Earth. Re-quickening explores ways to restore internal fractures and to re-ignite intact feminine power, aligning women into a state of balanced harmony. Re-Quickening, refers to Onkwehon:we Condolence and the Requickening Address dealing with grief, restoring people to harmony in a renewal cycle of life-death-life.

How far do we have to go to recover the essential feminine and her connection to earth, water and air? Can a performance serve as trauma recovery, a mass condolence for lost women and child, for grieving families? How can a dance, a song and a monologue become new ceremony? Through creative and ritual performance Re-Quickening aims to give voice, requicken (manifest life) spirit, acknowledge women’s body, make connections to feminine source strength: moon, seeds, wombs, earth, water, etc. 

By: Santee Tekaronhiáhkhwa Smith


Enjoy two exclusive showcase performances of the Re-Quickening at the Woodland Cultural Centre - January 23 & 24, 2015  at 7PM 

These performances are intended for mature audiences

Admission: pay what you can

The Woodland Cultural Centre is pleased to present these performances as part of Tehonkieron:nions (They are Entertaining) series. A performing arts series funded by the generous support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council. 

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