Former NHL-er Visits Centre with a Question for the Six Nations Community

Posted 14/12/08 in NEWS

Former New York Ranger, Toronto Maple Leaf, and Brantford resident, Patrick Hickey made a planned visit to the Woodland Cultural Centre on December 4th.  Mr. Hickey brought with him a treasured gift he received from the women of Six Nations in 1974 - an elaborate headdress consisting of a fur pelt, horns, feathers, beadwork, and jingles, all based on the framing of a Gustowah.  The inside of the pelt also has a detailed pictograph account of, what Mr. Hickey was told, is the story of Six Nations and Brantford.

Hickey played in the NHL from 1975 until 1985 with a number of teams in Canada and the United States.  He now sits on the alumni board of the New York Rangers, for whom he laced up the skates in 2012 during the Winter Classic against the alumni of the Philadelphia Flyers.  During his time in the NHL and continuing into the present, Mr. Hickey has displayed the headdress he received from Six Nations.  He stated, "This headdress has made its way through the NHL and has been a topic of many interesting conversations with teammates."

Pat Hickey has loaned the headdress to the Woodland Cultural Centre for the next few months in order to have it displayed in hopes of garnering additional information on the pictograph story and the makers of the headdress.  Mr. Hickey would like to be able to personally thank the women who made this treasured personal belonging as well as learn the detailed meaning of the story the headdress tells.  Attached to this article are a personal letter from Hickey with details of his quest; and two articles of interest on Pat Hickey.

If anyone can help the Woodland Cultural Centre with this information for Pat Hickey, please contact the Centre at or by telephone at (519) 759-2650, extension 226.

Also be sure to drop by the Centre to see this one-of-a-kind headdress with local connections and NHL ties.