Corn Soup Cook Off Fast Approaching - October 18, 2014

Posted 14/10/16 in NEWS

There are only two days left before the annual Woodland CORN SOUP COOK-OFF on October 18, 2014 at 5 pm.  Eight contestants have registered to vie for the title of Woodland's best corn soup chef; well even more people have stated their intent to come out to the Woodland Cultural Centre this Saturday and eat corn soup!!!  

For all those interested in helping to decide who can claim to be the best corn soup chef, doors open at 5:00 pm this Saturday.  For $5.00 per person you receive a mug, a spoon, a ballot, and then the chance to taste test the corn soup entries.  Now it may be difficult to select the best corn soup with just one taste, so the audience is encouraged to sample the offerings a few times (or until you just can't eat another bite).  The mug is yours to keep!

The Woodland Cultural Centre would like to thank the Aboriginal Healing Centre for the loan of their chafers; the Two Row Times for the great on-line article encouraging people to come out to the cook-off (visit the Two Row Times website to read this wonderful callout); the Ministry of Culture for the prize money; and the entrants who will be travelling from across Southern Ontario to capture this culinary title.