Veterans, Warriors and Peacekeepers Opening a Full House

Posted 14/08/13 in NEWS

The Veterans, Warriors and Peacekeepers exhibit opened to a packed house on the evening of August 11th, 2014.  Over 165 people from the Woodland Cultural Centre's three support communities of Tyendinaga, Wahta, and Six Nations of the Grand River, came out to honour the First Nations veterans of World War One from each territory.  A descendant from 64 of the veterans - almost 450 men and 2 women served in the armed forces from the three communities - received a reproduction of the original 114th Battalion Flag in honour of the service and contribution of their forefather/mother, in a ceremony prior to the opening of the exhibition.  The opening began with a cornet rendition of World War One band music as played by local musician and band leader George Rose.  Speakers included: Robert Johnson with the keynote address representing the Six Nations Veterans Association; Carl Hill bringing welcome from Six Nations Elected Council and the Centre's Board of Governors; Amos Key Jr. performing a moving rendition of a traditional War of 1812 Honour Song he learned from his grandfather (veteran of the Great War - George Buck); and a beautiful speech by Amy Cowie from Tyendinaga who accepted a flag (along with Lisa Maracle) in honour of all those soldiers who served but do not survive to have descendants. 

This exhibition of World War One and militia artifacts, celebrates, names, and pictures (when possible) the veterans and soldiers from Wahta, Tyendinaga and Six Nations.  Items such as the US Army Canteen and Mess Kit of Edith Anderson (nurse), the war diary of Lloyd Clifford Curley (KIA), Leather Officer's Boots, Princess Mary's 1914 Christmas tin to soldiers, and numerous others, can be seen from August 11 - December 19th, 2014 at the Woodland Cultural Centre.

Nya:weh to all those who made the opening, ceremony and exhibition possible - Jill McDonald of the Design House, George Rose, Rick Shaver, Tammy Martin, Pete Wilson, Shane Powless, Don Lynch, Tesha Emarthle, the Brantford Public Library, Don Monture, Ron Monture, John Moses, St. John's Church (Six Nations), the Canadian Military Heritage Museum, Luella Hill, Amy Cowie, Lisa Maracle, Janice Henry, the Lorne and Elsie Hankinson Charitable Trust Foundation, and all those who donated photos of our veterans and warriors.  

A limited quantity of 114th Battalion flags are available for sale at the Woodland Cultural Centre at the low price of $30.00 each. 

For those wishing to accept a flag on behalf of a Six Nations of the Grand River or Wahta Mohawk veteran, please call (519) 759-2650, extension 226 to see if that veteran's flag has yet to be received.  There is one flag available per veteran.

For those wishing to accept a flag on behalf of a Tyendinaga veteran please contact Amy Cowie through the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Band Administration Office.