Donate Your Old Books, Photos and Letters...

Posted 14/03/04 in NEWS

The government is pursuing a policy of shutting down libraries saying all historical government documents are being digitized.  This is not true and Elizabeth May, M.P. is challenging the government on the illegality of destroying records.  According to an article by Elizabeth May "Access to Information request from Postmedia that made it clear the collections were not being 'digitized' as claimed but, in fact, were being 'culled' that made me realize this had to be illegal."  You can read more in her article "Shutting Down Our Libraries Broke the Law."

If you have any books, journals, articles, or letters that you no longer want, we'd like to have them.  These days we are digitizing material that is rare and unique but keeping a hard copy as well.  That way if the material is stolen or damaged it will not be lost.

Your donations are more valuable than ever.  Books are now being weeded from libraries, libraries are closing, and books not claimed by another library are being put in the garbage.  We are adding digital sources on our Library website as well as downloading material.

While much more material is available, much of the current material will be lost if we don't do something to protect it.  Woodland's mandate is to protect, promote, interpret, and present this material. 

Thank you to all our donors.