Name That Artifact

Posted 14/02/04 in NEWS

The museum program of the Woodland Cultural Centre recently received a donation of a very special artifact.  This artifact dates from the nineteenth to early twentieth century and would have been a valued tool in the making of a traditional Haudenosaunee implement.  The mystery artifact had multiple uses but for the Haudenosaunee it had a use that a non-Native would not have thought of or needed to employ. 

If you believe you know what this artifact was called or was used to make, send in your answer by email to by midnight on February 27, 2014.  The email should include your name, telephone number, and address - as well as your answer. All correct answers will be entered into a draw on February 28, 2014.  The lucky and knowledgeable winner will receive a prize pack which includes a Coffee House CD featuring musicians Logan Staats, Lacey Hill, and Cheri Maracle.

Please note: This contest is not open to past or present employees of the Woodland Cultural Centre, nor their friends and relatives.

Nya:weh to all those who took the time to send an email and pass along a story about the mystery artifact.  To those who provide the answers of "Cobbler's Bench" or "Harness-maker's Bench"; this artifact was used for both these purposes by the tradesmen of the time.  However, the uniquely Haudenosaunee use for this tool was as a vise for making lacrosse-sticks.  A big nya:weh to Cher Obediah and Earl Labert for donating this item to the Woodland Cultural Centre. - March 4, 2014