Walking Together

Posted 13/06/04 in NEWS

An intergenerational community arts project



The students of Aboriginal Beliefs, Values and Aspirations class and the Expressing Aboriginal Cultures Art class, of Hagersville Secondary School where selected to participate in workshops on information gathering, interviewing skills and the art of digital photography to tell a story. These 26 students learned about the history of residential schools in a classroom setting and then left the classroom to visit the Woodland Cultural Centre, former Mohawk Institute for a tour.  This tour was special because it was guided by former residential school students.  With cameras, notepads and sketchbooks in hand, the students walked side by side with survivors and listened to the stories of each space of the building where they stood.   The students returned to the classroom with new insight to what the survivors had suffered, what some of their own grandparents had gone through and how it still affects our community today.  They began to learn the art of mixed media and were given a creative place to put what they had come to know as seen through the eyes of the survivors. The pain of residential school has passed through many generations and healing comes slowly.  As these youth walked together with residential school survivors, they were inspired by their courage and gained a new appreciation of their own freedom to speak their language and celebrate their culture.


These works will be on display at the Woodland Cultural Centre Art Gallery until June 11, 2013.