Youth Art Cards Promote Historical Research & Economic Success

Posted 13/04/02 in NEWS

Woodland Cultural Centre would like to extend congratulations once again to Cecil Montour, Angelina Bomberry and Chancey Martin on their success. The three youth have created art work representing their ideas and perceptions of the War of 1812. The three won an art contest during the Whirlwind Conference and Linda Stanley, of Canadian Art Cards seen the beautiful work and partnered with Woodland Cultural Centre to create the Art Cards for each piece of art work. The front of the card features the artwork of an artist and the inside of the card is left blank. The three art cards are for sale at the Woodland Cultural Centre $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Each artist receives a commission for the sales of their artwork and will receive a cheque, promoting positive economic success. “I am proud of the young artists, they have taken interest in their history and more has come out of this project than expected,” said Danielle VanEvery, the Whirlwind Conference coordinator, she also states, “I am glad they are able to make a commission from this as well, it allows them to gain economic experience and learn about positive ways of making money”. The art cards are also available for sale online at or by contacting Linda Stanley at