Spirit of Community exhibition up until March 31, 2013

Posted 13/02/11 in NEWS

This exhibition is about the everyday people of Six Nations.  The people who are the heart of the community that makes it uniquely home.  Featured in this exhibition are historical photographs, many from various community events like the Fall Fair and Bread and Cheese, there are also a number of family photos, people working their farms, fishing, hunting and group school photos. 

Spirit of Community also features the works of four artists from Six Nations, Shelley Niro (the first recipient of the OAC Aboriginal Arts Award), Brenda Mitten, Anthony Henhawk Jr. and Patrica Hess.  Each artist has captured their own images of what Six Nations is today. Prevalent in these images are the natural beauty of the community, and the annual gatherings like the Grand River Powwow.

Also featured in this exhibition are selections from the collections that reflect various items found within the historical photos.  Some of the community gems include the first program printed for the Pageant Forest Theatre 1949, an early prize list of the Six Nations fall fair 1917, and an original 1843 map on loan of Tuscarora Township (which would later become Six Nations).  For more information on this section please see this article: http://www.woodland-centre.on.ca/living-artifacts-community

One element of Spirit of Community that has been popular is the community map, where we have invited visitors to pin a number on a satellite image of Six Nations and share a personal story of why that place is important to them.  Here are just some of the contributions so far:

#16 “Who needs a rink? In the winter of 1990, and ice storm hit and caused our entire lawn to ice over.  We skated on it for days”

#9  “Two fresh springs, where people used to get fresh spring water

#22 “Picked up mail from across the river by train, boat and horse and buggy

#12 “Dad used to hunt all day in those woods.  So big you can get lost in there!”

Spirit of Community is up until March 31st, don’t miss an opportunity to contribute to the community map and share your own personal story or memory!