Living Artifacts of the Community

Posted 13/01/29 in EVENTS

In conjunction with Spirit of the Community, this exhibition represents various historical artifacts that have helped shape our community’s identity. History isn’t just found within these objects, but the stories that go along with them. Community members are able to recognize the exterior of the old Council House, but how many of us knew what the interior looked like in its prime, or how many of our family members were born at Lady Willingdon Hospital, or who in our family is a part of the farming and agriculture business? These objects also remind us where we come from, like the old wooden lacrosse stick, the woven berry picking basket or the clans carved into the clay pot. These artifacts also demonstrate how much our landscape has changed, the 1843 map of Tuscarora Township is now present day Six Nations and the need to use wooden boot removers no longer exists. Enjoy the Visual presence of these artifacts and reminisce of the stories that may go along with them. 

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