Ancestors in the Archives

Posted 13/01/22 in EVENTS

Ancestors in the Archives Workshop

SUNDAY February 24, 2013    2:00 pm

The Woodland Cultural Centre is very fortunate to have an extensive photograph collection, many of which were donations given to the Centre by community members and researchers alike. Most recently, the Centre has been able to digitize approximately 500 images from this archival photograph collection, and continue to do so to ensure that researchers and community members have access to these important community treasures. However, the Centre’s biggest challenge is not the digitization process but rather the identification of individuals in these photos and the time periods from which the photos originate. Since 2010, the Centre has continued to host a series called ‘Ancestors in the Archives’ in which the Centre invites community members to enjoy some tea and appetizers while they share their knowledge and memories of people in our community. This series will project images from our archival photo collection that have not been identified and staff members will take notes from the audience members to help decipher the identities, time period and place which the photo portrays. The workshop also encourages community members to bring in their own personal photos to be shared amongst the participants and seek advice from our museum team to help preserve these valuable memories. If you would like copies of these photos, please make sure to bring in your own USB device to download the images.

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