Whirlwind Conference Summons New Learning Opportunities

Posted 12/11/28 in NEWS


Not only did the Whirlwind War of 1812 Conference reflect upon the past but it looked more toward the future. Speakers and guests examined their favorite war hero, from Colonel Louis Cook to Joseph Brant and John Norton, but more importantly we examined who the people of peace will be and what does peace mean now for the Haudenosaunee people.

A common agreement is the youth and next generations will provide the peace we are looking for. A contest was held that incorporated grade six art posters, and grade seven and eight short stories. The winners received a pass to the conference, and either a catalogue, t-shirt or War of 1812 Medallion.  It was a great success to see Six Nations youth involved in their history and future.

Throughout the weekend we had an array of speakers teach us about new perspectives of the war, including the Anishnaabe role, and how the Mohawks of the Akwesasne community were and still are affected by the war. Various organizations provided us with sneak previews of video promotional materials and educational kits on the War of 1812 that will be available in 2013.
The participants that provided feedback and insights on the knowledge they learned won daily door prizes, such as War Club and Wampum Belts exhibit catalogues, 1812 books, t-shirts and a magnificent piece of pottery donated by Steve Smith . We also can’t forget the delicious War of 1812 Ice Cream that Hewitt’s dairy bar so kindly donated. The 1812 Canon balls, a chocolate coated cannon ball in a strawberry ripple; a tinted green vanilla base depicted the bloody battlefields, but was a tasty spoonful, honestly my highlight of the weekend. The Redcoat Rations was more for the savory taste buds as it had oatmeal cookie chunks, with a maple syrup ripple, in an apple pie base, both ice creams gave us the afternoon sugar rush we all needed.


This conference would not be a great success if it wasn’t for the dedicated support from the Woodland Cultural Centre staff and volunteers. I’d also like to thank our sponsors, the Canadian Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Grand River Employment and Training.

For upcoming events, check our Facebook and Twitter pages or keep checking our website. The conference is still available online at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/whirlwind-conference-1812 .

This article was published by Danielle VanEvery, Musem Assistant and Conference Coordinator. 

photo credit: Naomi Johnson & Danielle VanEvery