SCRATCHINGS across cultures: a memoir of denial and discovery, by Stephen Heeney.

Posted 12/10/23 in NEWS

“SCRATCHINGS is a fascinating account of one Canadian’s discovery of his Aboriginal ancestry. The author’s nineteenth century documentary research is impressive. One can follow the central character Squire Davis as he passes from Iroquois to British Canadian worlds, and then back again. A wonderful read for anyone interested in the interface between the First Nations and non-Aboriginal Canadians in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” - Don Smith, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Calgary.

Much of Stephen Heeney's research was conducted at the Woodland Cultural Centre Library where he generously donated many of the books that he had acquired in his journey back in time.  For more information about his book and how to order it go to

Stephen Heeney's home at Brooklea and Davis country is currently under question for a housing development. You can read more about this in the Tekawennake, October 17, 2012, "Davisville OMB hearings begin in Brantford".  "The proposed development of lands (was) once the site of the joint Mohawk/Mississauga village of Davisville, in Northwest Brantford."