The Global Savages at Woodland

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Outside on the Grounds

184 Mohawk St. Brantford

8:00 pm on Thursday June 6, 2013

Admission by Donation to Local Organizations and Programs upon Entrance

Join us at 7:00pm at the Farmers Market to walk together to Woodland Cultural Centre




We are The Global Savages –Anishnaabeg Storytellers of Manitoulin Island - and we are honoured to be invited to share our stories with you and your community on Thursday June 6, 2013


In preparation, for those who would like to join us we will arrive at sunrise on Monday June 3rd, 2013 following the Grand River through Fordview Park, and singing our way to Brant’s Crossing.  We will converge and rest at Skate Plaza, where we can meet one-another, enjoy some refreshments, and pause for few moments before our busy week begins.


For four days we will be on a walkabout in Brantford - Six Nations. We hope to meet a wide range of people to build a deeper appreciation for your community. We are only familiar enough now to recognize that your unique situation, local history and regional ecology has surely resulted in a great depth of community knowledge going back for generations. Community knowledge is the most important kind of knowledge, and is becoming the great invisible asset of our ‘older’ established cities and towns.  By recognizing and acknowledging it, we will be encouraged to keep it alive. This knowledge is already becoming valuable again for communities around the world.


On Thursday evening we will gather around a campfire beside the orchard at Woodland Cultural Centre, and The Global Savages will share the story they have been travelling the world sharing for the last three years. Some will converge first at 7:00 pm at the Farmers Market and walk to the storytelling place on foot.  At around 8:00 pm the story will begin. We would be honoured if you decided to join us.


After the story ends about 90 minutes later, people are welcome to stay by the fire to share the tea that had been brewing, and talk. The Global Savages will leave Brantford – Six Nations on Friday June 7, 2013.


Debajehmujig – Storytellers appreciates the Support and Cooperation of The Woodland Cultural Centre, The Sanderson Centre, the Brantford Arts Block, and all of our Community Animator Volunteers from the Brantford region.                                      

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