General Tour Programs

General tour groups visiting the Centre have a different reason for touring than students coming for an educational experience – most public visitors want to learn but in a more relaxed environment with a bit of pampering including. Pampering can take the form of a traditional First Nations meal, a dance performance, or merely the offer of coffee prior to the tour.

General Tour programs can be developed in two ways – guided visits or experiential packages.

Guided Visits:        1 – 1 ½ hour

Many general public groups choose this route to visiting the Centre – less pampering but very cost effective.

A guided visit can be arranged for the general public with a minimum of 10 participants during the week (or payment for 10 participants if the group is smaller) and 20 on weekends in the summer months. The guided visit includes a relaxed journey through the museum and art gallery with a less intense approach to providing information. Visitors are welcome to ask questions of the Cultural Interpreter and follow the interest of the group rather than an educational agenda.

Guided visits can also include an introductory video/DVD presentation if requested.

Pricing is calculated on a per person basis.

The Mohawk Institute – Residential School Tour        1 hour

As knowledge and information on the atrocities suffered at Native Residential schools across Canada become widely known to the public, many guests look to visit the Mohawk Institute; the former residential school that now houses the Woodland Cultural Centre. A tour of the Mohawk Institute combines survivor stories (shared with the Cultural Interpreters) with the physical space that once comprised the dormitories, cafeteria, playroom, sewing room, and other portions of the school. Much of the school has been converted to office space so the tour attempts to take in only the most unchanged portions of the building. The residential school tour is graphic and disturbing. Please use your best discretion when selecting this option.

A residential school tour can be added to both guided visits and experiential packages for a minimal cost increase.

Experiential Packages:

The Museum Education program is pleased to offer tour packages for groups of 25 or more that immerse the visitor in an indulgent cultural experience. Both packages begin with complimentary Native cookies and coffee/tea as you enjoy an introductory welcome and DVD presentation at 10:30 AM (10:00 AM if a residential school tour is also requested).

Package One – Woodland Experience       2 ½ hours

You and your group are invited to lunch at the Woodland Cultural Centre! A luncheon of traditional First Nations foods (or Canadian fare) follows a fully guided tour of the Woodland Cultural Centre’s museum and art galleries.

Package Two – Feast and Footwork       3 ½ hours

Visitors are immersed in the Ogwehonweh culture when you choose this package. Following complimentary Native cookies and coffee/tea, guests will participate in a guided tour of the Cultural Centre’s museum and art galleries. Visitors will then be treated to a world-class First Nations luncheon (or Canadian favourites). Your experience is complete with an hour-long performance by First Nations dance specialists.