Donation to Save the Evidence Campaign

Posted 15/11/18 in NEWS

Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School visited the Woodland Cultural Centre this November. Mr. Antonio Gambale, History teacher at Blessed Trinity, presented Cheryl Red Eagle, School Registrar, with a donation of $700.00 towards the 'Save the Evidence' campaign. The 'Save the Evidence' campaign is working towards fundraising to fix the roof of the former Mohawk Institute. Blessed Trinity are frequent visitors to the Centre, and the staff of Woodland, would like to thank Tony and the staff and students, for the generous donation! The money they raised was during their Residential School Suvivor Awareness Day on September 30, 2015. Tony also gave Cheryl an orange shirt, that signifies the commemoration and remembrance of the children and survivors of residential school. NYA:WEH GOWA (thank you very much)!