Coffee House 2014

Posted 14/03/05 in NEWS

Coffee House - March 1, 2014 at the Woodland Cultural Centre

Featured Musicians: Lacey Hill, Logan Staats, Cris Derksen

Coffee House has become one of the Woodland Cultural Centre’s most popular and well attended events.  Featuring the live musical performances of emerging First Nations artists.

This year saw the return of local Six Nations talent Lacey Hill. is born and raised at Six Nations and has had a passion for music and singing since a young age.  Lacey was a back-up singer for “The Breeze Band”, and has since gone on to record her own albums with the second being very recently released this year. Lacey was a notable presence at last year’s Coffee House and was the first to take the stage during the open mic performances. She was so good we simply had to ask her back to be a featured performer for this year’s Coffee House.

Logan Staats returned as a feature performer. Logan is a young multi-instrumentalist who started writing and performing music in his early teens.  He is the lead singer of Brantford-based group Ghost Town Orchestra. It was a thrill to listen to his raw bluesy rock vocals and exceptional guitar prowess.

Cellist Cris Derksen made her debut performance at this year’s Coffee House, surprising and pleasing the audiences with her stunning blend of classical/jazz/folk/pop/electronica stylings.   The full sound Cris can produce as a soloist is astounding, one audience member was amazed and commented, "She sounds like a full orchestra!"

The evening ended on a high note as several brave and talented performers took to the stage.  A phenomenal blend of country, folk, rock, and blues. 

 A recurring comment heard throughout the night was, "We need Coffee House to happen more throughout the year."