And the Winner is ...

Posted 14/10/20 in NEWS

The Woodland Cultural Centre's annual Corn Soup Cook Off was a resounding success.  With corn soup representing First Nations across Ontario, there was lyed white corn, dried sweet corn, smoked venison, salt pork, and ham, as well as kidney beans, navy beans, onions, potatoes, and secret ingredients galore - something for every taste.  Almost 100 people came out to judge the efforts of this year's entrants.

First prize was awarded to Angela Noah of Moraviantown, who blew the competition away with over 400 points.  Second prize was won by Tom Hill of Brantford with his "granny's secret recipe"; and third place belonged to Brenda Kagige of Toronto who delighted the taste testers with an Anishnaabe version of corn soup.  Honourable mention goes to Anastasia Blackey and her dried corn soup which stood out from the rest; and Joan Thomas with her traditional Six Nations style soup which was devoured to the last drop.

The true winners of the annual Corn Soup Cook-Off are always the tasters as the photos below show (Angela Noah, the reigning champ is in the blue and yellow jacket)!

Nya:weh to all the contestants, the volunteer staff, and the many judges who came out to this event - we hope to see everyone plus more next year!