1812 Whirlwind Conference

Posted 12/10/01 in NEWS

Save the dates: November 16 - 18, 2012

Location: Six Nations Polytechnic

“The Six Nations, or Haudenosaunee, often referred to war as being like a whirlwind that turns our world upside down. This is an appropriate metaphor for what took place among our communities during the War of 1812: torn by divided loyalties, fearful of loss of land, and ultimately having to face our brother warriors from New York in a showdown at the Battle of Chippawa. This conference will explore Six Nations experiences in the war and reflect on the meaning of the events that have shaped our destiny and identity.”

Rick Hill, Indigenous Knowledge Centre.

This conference sponsored in part by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Ministry of Culture, the Woodland Cultural Centre, Six Nations Polytechnic and the Six Nations Legacy Consortium.

This is a ticketed event, for more information or to register please contact the Conference Coordinator, Danielle VanEvery at vaneveryd@woodland-centre.on.ca or (519) 759-2650.