1812 Bicentennial Borders Project Set to Begin in Six Nations and Philadelphia

Posted 13/05/01 in NEWS

The Woodland Cultural Centre is excited to announce the onset of the 1812 Bicentennial Borders Project, an arts-based commemoration of the War of 1812, between Six Nations’ Jamieson Elementary School and Grover Washington Junior Middle School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Combining visual arts and music, classes from these two schools will work cooperatively to produce a culminating art piece detailing the Haudenosaunee and American experiences in the War of 1812.

Local Six Nations musician Lacey Hill, and Philadelphia visual artist Ben Volta, will work with students in the two classrooms using on-line technology to create music and art that is student driven.  Project Co-ordinator Catherine Molnar hopes through the artist-led workshops that “students will create work exploring key themes relating to the War of 1812: communication, reconciliation, myth-making and nationhood.”

Culminating June 6, 2013 with a presentation of the final art piece, a blending of music and song celebrating John Smoke Johnson and all Haudenosaunee warriors who fought on both sides of the confrontation, with a fine arts exhibition showcasing the events around the burning of the White House, the 1812 Bicentennial Borders Project allows students, teachers, artists, and historians the opportunity to work together and incorporate the arts, technology, and a shared history.

The grade four students from Jamieson Elementary School who will be participating in this one-of-a-kind project are excited to interact via on-line technology with the students from Grover Washington Middle School.  The use of computer technology in combination with arts-centered learning opportunities will engage the students and enhance their educational experience.  The War of 1812 will no longer be just a chapter in a history book for these students; the 1812 Borders Project will put a human face and emotion to this war.

The 1812 Bicentennial Borders Project is funded and/or supported by the Six Nations 1812 Legacy Consortium, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Woodland Cultural Centre.